With GRAVITY X TOKYO become the best version of YOURSELF with the best trainers in Fitness, Bodybuilding or Mixed Martial Arts


Price and packages :


10,800 ¥ for 1 session.

9,800   ¥ for 5 session.

8,800   ¥ for 10 session.

8,400   ¥ for 20 session.

Sessions and packages are valid 90days.


* Each session is 55 minutes. 


You can invite guests to your sessions; however, an additional charge of 3,000 yen per hour will be added per guest, maximum number of guest is 2.


Includes active workout, therapeutic stretching, and nutritional guidance depending on the client's needs.


First session is ¥ 4500.

To make an appointment, please click on the "book now" link above.

For any inquiries, please leave your name and email in the "sign up" section.



Cancellations must be done at least 24 hours in advance. Since we turn away other clients to hold your reservation, any cancellation with less than 24-hour notice will result in a full charge of the hour. 




We realize that sometimes a sudden illness (of yourself or a loved one) can prevent you from giving a 24-hour cancellation notice; however, full charge must be applied nonetheless. Services booked at a promotional price cannot be refunded. First time trials cannot be rebooked in the case of a last minute cancellation. We're a small appointment-based training facility, these charges allows us to continue operating our business.



Are you ready to change? Ready to change your body, change your mind, change your life?


With personal training, fast track your way to a better version of yourself. 


Sessions are 55 minutes and completely catered to the customer's goals and needs



Group training is a fun way to train in a friendly environment, get the motivation you need from sharing the experience with others, and strive together to achieve your goals. 


Duration of group training is 45 minutes. 


Price: 2,500 yen per session.



Contact us to discuss business options.

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